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Thank you for visiting our web pages dedicated to the LifeStyles brand from Ansell Corp. Safer sex practices can now be a lot more fun than in the past while retaining that element of romance . . .and you can be a little daring too!

Browse through our range of tasteful and enjoyable condom products, Our carefully selected products range beyond the LifeStyles Lubricated and Studded. that you have come to recognize as stable long-lasting items on your pharmacy shelves for years.

Let us now introduce you to the NEW variety packs of LifeStyles Trio , with THREE different varieties of condom, as well as the LifeStyles CLMX which features “His and Her” combinations of studded condoms (for him) and sensual gel for her.

Hey Big Fella! . . .we’re BIG on passion too.. The LifeStyles Large provide the extra comfort you need to enjoy those special moments.

Since safer sex means more than just. . .safer sex.

There are still MORE products, but we want you to get the full pleasure of browsing for yourself.

Our mail-order service is utilized by individuals who choose a discreet method of retail shopping, Your products will arrive in a Plain Brown Wrapper, or a box for larger orders with only our return address identified in the corner of the envelope.

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