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LifeStyles SKYN Large Condoms

$ 13.95 (CAD)

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                                                                                        LifeStyles Skyn Large Condoms
“The Closest Thing to Wearing Nothing”

For years, we’ve been fielding telephone calls which specifically address “Large Non-Latex condoms”. Now, we can tell you that they’re here and This Changes Everything. LifeStyles SKYN is the first LARGE premium condom made of polyisoprene, a material which does not contain natural rubber latex. This makes Skyn Condoms a great choice for people who are allergic to natural rubber latex. Lifestyles Skyn Large condoms deliver ALL the features that are important to users by combining both the strength of a latex condom with the sensitivity of ultra thin condoms. Experience a softer, more natural feel of Skyn to skin sensations; lubricated with ultra smooth, long-lasting lubricant to enhance sensations, 65% of males and 72% of females rated Skyn condoms as excellent/good for stimulation.

More benefits over latex condoms:

  • may offer better physical properties than latex and may thus be stronger than latex
  • transmit more body heat, hence allowing more sensitivity
  • do not usually have an odor as does latex

Use with water-based lubricants ONLY.

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Add some SKYN Lubricant to your order. Sale Priced at ONLY $5.95/bottle

Reservoir Tip
Base Width: 2.2in(56mm)
Length: 7.5 in(200mm)


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