LifeStyles Non-Lubricated Condoms

Why Use Non-Lubricated Condoms? Chances are, even if you have been a long-time condom user, you may not know a whole lot about non-lubricated condoms. There are a number of people who choose to use LifeStyles Non-Lubricated condoms: 

We don’t keep lists, but we sense that there are a number of our customers that prefer this choice over regular, lubricated condoms.

First: You can add your own lubricant, whether plain (tasteless), or you can use a variety of flavors to up your game.

Recently, Jo System has added a line of Candy Shop Lubricants, for those with a sweet tooth. You can also add some exotic Jo Gelato flavors, such as Tira Misu and Hazelnut Expresso. Or, you can invest in  a bottle or two of Sliquid Naturals in such flavors as Blue Raspberry and Tangerine Peach.

Keeping Your Distance With “Doggy Style Sex”

Over the last few years, we have added more lubricants to our stock in response to customer demand.

Purchase a smaller number of singles/strips (24-48 or 72/count)

We don’t invest in a it of guesswork around Non-lubricated condoms, but we CAN tell you that with any purchase of Non Lubricated condoms, we enclose some sample packs of lubricants FREE (sometimes plain, sometimes flavored, so that you can try some of these yourself, and perhaps  (when you return to our site), you’d be more inclined to pick up a bottle or two, or even some sachets of lubricants, which you can find elsewhere on our site. You can also message us on your favorites if you wish to receive specific samples. NOTE: if we do not have a particular sample in mind, we’d be pleased to substitute a close equivalent.

Anal Sex Couples: sometimes,more lubricant,and thicker lubricant may be in order.

Silicone-Based lubricants

LifeStyles SKYN Premium Silicone Lubricant

Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant

Wet Platinum-Luxury Silicone Lubricant

Organic Lubricants
Shunga-Toko Organic Formula Lubricant

Sliquid Organics Silk- Women’s Wellness

Sliquid Oceanics Carrageenan-Women’sHealth

Hybrid Lubricants: A mix of Water AND Silicone

NEW: Wet Hybrid Gold

Wet  Femme Hybrid Lubricant

Wicked Sensual Care Hybrid Lubricant


Non-Lubricated condoms also make handy water-carriers for your campsite

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