Condoms Canada International

Since were placed our “old”website with our new site, we have experienced an increased in International customers,especially from the USA;we have also posted orders to other locations in Germany,Italy,France, the UK and China.

There are probably several reasons why USA  and International customers access our site. Partly, its the visibility. But even more important, its probably the savings generated by the Canadian Dollar/US dollar exchange. In recent weeks, we have found the Canadian dollar to be hovering around the $0.76 cents mark (US).  So that’s even more savings for you.

We can extrapolate from those figures. Suppose you (as a US customer) purchase something off our site, with a value of $49.00 ,which is about average from most people’s needs, then the conversion to US dollars will be approximately $36.90 You will see the conversion on your credit card statement. Be aware though,that some credit card companies charge you an additional processing fee on top of your purchase.

There is also the benefit from the “Trackable Package” mailing. Most orders to the USA are tracked as part of our routine service. that means that you,as a customer can get a link to Canada Post, and see the progress of your package. Tracking is NOT  seen in “real time”,but you can see WHEN the package left the main sorting area of British Columbia, and again when the package reaches the designated sorting area for your city/state. Trackable packages are also insured.How  Canada Post Tracking Works.

Passing Through US Customs:

When you track your package via Canada Post,you will see the progress the package has made,and you will be able to identify that your package has arrived in the US.Most packages pass through US Customs in a day or two. Some pass within 5 days, and we have seen others take about 9 days to pass.

Don’t panic. Your package Will reach you.Keep in mind that various international  customs offices process millions of pieces of mail daily.If your order hasn’t immediately passed through customs, it could mean a volume delay,or even staff shortages over a weekend or holiday.

Condoms Canada International mails your products in the original,sealed boxes, just as you would see them in a pharmacy. The manufacturer’s package also lists the reasons for using condoms (for protection against pregnancy AND STI’s), and provides more information to first-time condom users “How To Use A Condom”. Sealed boxes/packages ensure that the product is delivered to you in a safe manner, according to health policies of Canada Health, as well as American  FDA Regulations.See Condoms a Medical Devices<>

We constructed our site to provide quality products that we became familiar with over 20 years or so.  Over that time, we have added several brands of lubricants,including organics. Womens’ health became a greater focus  for our team with the introduction of flavored and lickable lubricants for oral sex. We also wanted to heighten the massage experience for our customers with the introduction of a selection of aromatherapy massage oils

Condoms are NOT considered “adult items” in Canada, and in most US States. essentially,if you’re human, you can get them.If you have age restrictions in YOUR state, we would recommend that you check with your local health authorities first,before you order online.

We have also posted information (from Planned Parenthood), which lists health units applicable to each state,where you can get additional information about Sexual Health, and/or arrange for confidential testing.

Orders received from these countries will be shipped by air-parcel,but may not have a tracking number,due to excessive mailing costs.Customers however,WILL be advised that their products have been shipped,along with the estimated delivery date.

If you wish to have your parcel tracked,just let us know,and provide us with your permission to charge your credit card with the additional postage. Tracked parcels to the UK total$32.00 (CDN) postage; Australia and Asian countries total postage would be $42.00(CDN). Its strictly a personal choice on your part.We CAN tell you though,that Condoms Canada International has had no problems with deliveries to any of our international customers

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