COVID 19 Statement -Shipping and Handling-Staffing


These are times when the “new normal” almost defies description. We are therefore advising our customers and prospective customers about the steps we are taking to protect both our staff, as well as ensuring that your parcels/packages are handled with your continued health in mind.

Our staff generally consists of people who have worked in the health services field; we have a former infectious disease laboratory staff member on board, along with a former Senior VP of a major hospital.

Communicable diseases are nothing new to us. Seen through an electron microscope, all the viruses were ugly. NONE of them looked pleasant.
Long before COVID 19 appeared, we were taking care to ensure that supplies were kept clean, and stored securely.

There are several hand-washing stations available, and we apply our own HAND SANITIZER liberally throughout the day.

We observe social distancing, and work from separated offices.

We have had no reason to use them yet, but we have a supply of N95 (Medical Grade) masks on hand. No unauthorized visitors are permitted. All deliveries are announced and received at a distance.

Most of our supplies arrive by either courier service, and sometimes by Canada Post. We wear plastic gloves to open the packages, which are cut open with scissors. Products are placed on separate warehousing shelves (with continuous air-flow). Most of our products that we receive are enclosed in plastic covers and arrive with inner-packages of 6. Within a case lot (condoms/lubricants).

Your products are not handled with our bare hands, since we are wearing Nitrile Gloves to handle your parcels.

Nitrile Gloves

Once your products are inside the bubble-envelope, the package is sealed and addressed.
Our envelopes are purchased in bulk, usually stored in groups of 12 within plastic wrapping, with no previous handling by other than our staff. In order to limit risk to our staff members, shipping/mailing orders to customers is now limited to Twice Per Week

AT THE POST OFFICE: risk is reduced when postal workers at the receiving station are also wearing plastic gloves. Depending on the address of your order, we have no way of knowing how much handling there is on the way to your address.(see RECEIVING YOUR PARCEL) During this difficult time, we expect that most postal staff would wear gloves and take appropriate cautions.

Covid 19 Statement From Canada Post:

Yellow alert: Customers may experience delays as important safety measures, including physical distancing, means it takes longer to process heavy parcel volumes.

Thank you for your patience.

Recent Example: Mail that normally takes 2 days to reach us from Vancouver, now takes over 4 days to reach us. We recently ordered supplies from one of our suppliers in Vancouver . It has been 4 days in transit. We are told that Canada Post is experiencing “Christmas Levels of parcel volume”. If that is the case, then your orders/parcels from US will be delayed,and subject to the same delays that we are experiencing. We appreciate your patience during these difficult times.

Depending on the postal service where you live, you could receive your parcels in several ways. Thankfully, most companies and Canada Post no longer asks for your signature for the parcel, and you may ask them to leave your parcel at the door (for home deliveries).

PBW Resources/ continues to receive online orders during the COVID19 PANDEMIC. Shopping from home continues to be the best option for personal safety. Our COVID 19 Statement recommends that you order enough condoms to last 12 months or more. At this time, we are unable to determine if there will be breaks in the supply chain, and we are in constant touch with our suppliers. If we are short of a particular product, we can either place it on back-order for you, or substitute with a similar product.
Stay Safe
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