Earthly Body Massage Oil-Nag Champa

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Hints of Jasmine,Magnolia, Earthy With The Addition of Sandalwood



Earthly Body Massage Oil-Nag Champa

Earthly Body Massage Oil has 100% natural blend of skin oils (including hemp, almond, grapeseed, apricot and vitamin E)  and provides a slick, professional glide. Better yet, it absorbs into your skin for deep conditioning and moisturizing with no greasy residue. Whether you choose unscented or one of the exotic fragrances, you won’t need (or want) to wash it off.

•Hemp Seed, Vitamin E, Almond, Grapeseed, and more natural oils
•Penetrates and Moisturizes
•Professional Glide for massage therapists

Available in 2 oz and 8 oz bottles.

Nag Champa Scent: East Indian Incense

We decided to give this scent its own page, because of the influence of East Indian/Asian scents. Common scents for some users, perhaps travelers; And new for other users.

More About Nag Champa

Nag champa is a fragrance of Indian origin. It is made from a combination of sandalwood and either champak or frangipani. When frangipani is used, the fragrance is usually referred to simply as champa. Nag champa is commonly used in incense, soap, perfume oil, essential oils, candles, and personal toiletries.

Revered for its calming powers, nag champa is used in temples and other places of worship. … Its aroma lingers as does its desired effects. Click the link here for a full description of the flower:

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2 oz, 8 oz


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