Wicked® Aqua Lubricant-Fragrance Free

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Wicked® Aqua Lubricant-Fragrance Free

The most widely used personal lubricants are water-based and water soluble, such as items included in the Wicked® AQUA line. A good rule of thumb is: use water-based products with latex, adult toys, and sexual aids. Water-based products will not harm these materials, are easy to clean up, and help keep your intimate products sanitary and safe.

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Water-based Wicked® AQUA products are paraben free and safe for all latex products and toy materials. Unlike many other water-based lubricants, our special formulation, using the finest natural ingredients, is extremely long lasting yet absorbs easily into the skin, leaving no sticky residue. And each product is so silky smooth you will be surprised that it isn’t silicone!

Sensitive Skin and Lubrication – Does it Really Matter?

Skin sensitivities affect millions of people. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, over 50% of people say they have sensitive skin. This is up from 30% in the 1980s! And though this increase may be caused by any number of things, the fact remains – sensitive skin is a real issue that can impact every inch of our bodies.

The exact definition of sensitive skin varies depending on who you ask. Generally, there are four distinct types: acne, rosacea, burning & stinging, and contact dermatitis (which refers to the skin’s rashy reaction to allergens and/or irritants). In the most intimate areas of our bodies, burning & stinging and contact dermatitis are the most common types of sensitive skin reactions.

Now,you have a choice. If you determine that you are extra sensitive to lubricant products try Wicked Sensual Care Lubricant-Sensitive here.

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