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Sliquid Naturals Sassy Gel Lubricant

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5 ml Packette- For Those Who Want Only A Little  Booty Gel


Sliquid Naturals Sassy Gel Lubricant

Sliquid Naturals Sassy Gel Lubricant is a water based and water soluble anal gel lubricant, formulated as always glycerin free and paraben free. It begins with the same ingredients as Sliquid Naturals H2O, but is formulated with additional plant cellulose to create a thicker gel, which provides more padding for anal intercourse. The gel stays in place, and is longer lasting and creates a more enjoyable experience for both partners. To ensure the safety of our customers, Sliquid Naturals Sassy Gel Lubricant does not include any desensitizing agents, which may lead to tissue damage.

Anal Sex Tips:

If you’ve never done anal sex before, the first time can be difficult and uncomfortable. Stocking up on lube and using the right amount of it can help make the process a little smoother and easier for both partners. The anus is not self-lubricating, so it can be a more difficult area to venture into. The first time might hurt a bit, especially if you’ve never tried it before, and lube can help ease the pain. Lather some lube both inside and around the anal opening, and on whatever you are planning to put inside it. Make sure you are using water based lubricant with latex condoms. Sliquid Naturals Sassy Gel will get the job done for you.

Condom use

Just like vaginal sex, you should always be protected. Just because you can’t get pregnant from anal sex, doesn’t mean you can’t still catch sexually transmitted infections through anal penetration, which is why it’s crucial to wear a condom. Wear a condom even if you’re just sticking to anal sex to ensure safety, but make sure you switch the condoms in between vaginal and anal sex. If you choose not to use condoms that are already lubricated,you can use Non-Lubricated condoms and add Sliquid Naturals Sassy Gel Lubricant for a more comfortable ride.

Naturals Sassy Ingredients
Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

  • Ultra thick water based gel
    • 100% Vegan friendly
    • Water soluble and easy to clean up
    • Glycerin free and paraben free
    • Non-allergenic and non-toxic
    • Latex, rubber, and plastic friendly
    • Non-staining, unflavored and unscented
    • Uniquely blended to emulate your body’s own natural lubrication

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2 oz, 5 ml


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