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LifeStyles Lubricated Condoms

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LifeStyles Lubricated Condoms

LifeStyles lubricated condoms contain natural rubber latex,and if used correctly, will help reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy,transmission of HIV infection (AIDS), and of many other sexually transmitted infections.Each condom is tested electronically and conforms to Canadian standards.LifeStyles Lubricated condoms are recommended for first-time users and for those who have not yet graduated to condoms with “all the bells and whistles”  associated with ribs,studs,flavors and extra thin-ness.

Nominal width: 53mm

Available in a 3/pack or a 14/pack. Comfort-shaped with a flared tip


If you like the 14/pack option,here is a link to LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive condoms. Get thinner condoms with a 14/pack of Durex Love condoms



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