Sportsheets-Brat Paddle-Sex And Mischief

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Sportsheets Brat Paddle



Sportsheets Brat Paddle

Have you been bad? Perhaps it’s time to get into some Sex and Mischief. Provoke them to leave their mark with the Brat Paddle, designed to imprint the word “BRAT” with delicious thuddy impact. Before you know it, you’ll be begging for another spanking.

Have you been pushing all their buttons? Your punishment awaits with the Sportsheets Brat Paddle. Tame your favorite brat with a kit designed to put them in their place.  If you’re the lucky recipient of all this attention, you’ll be at the mercy of your partner who will leave an impression of “Brat” on your ass-cheeks.

Give a special ear to some magic words of love: “With that attitude, I want to handcuff and use a paddle or crop on your ass.” Go ahead and start to talk dirty...just to warm up your Brat, and show him/her who’s the boss.

Bondage And Sex tips To Try if You are A Total Beginner to BDSM

Since the word “Brat” isn’t a gender term, you can tailor your Brat Playthings to your naughty boy too. After a “tough day at the office”, he could probably enjoy a good flogging to relieve the stress.

Male Brat


At Condoms Canada, we provide some of the tools to present to your partner, whether he/she is a newbie to BDSM, or experience and has been chained up at the same old bedpost . Explore. Talk to each other, and above all, obtain consent.

Sportsheets Bow Tie Cuffs

Side note: this is also a great time to assess your partner’s reaction to your suggestions. If they don’t obviously state that they consent to specific sexual acts, simply ask them how they feel about it before proceeding later in the night. 

Fortunately, we have featured other items on our site, so that you can develop your own Brat Kit (from scratch…as it were).

Outfit your personal brat with cuffs,  floggers and even an amber blindfold t0 feature a touch of the unknown to your BDSM session.  these are all available on our site, along with some masturbation creams, massage oils and candles and sex toy cleaners. The ending to your kinky time with your new (or repeat) bratty partner wouldn’t be complete without a range of condoms to put a lock on the closing event.

Sportsheets Talks About Discussing Your erotic Fantasies Before Sex.

Sportsheets Talks About: Your Erotic Bucket List Items for 2023

    Tell A Brat-In-Training

Brat Kit

Your Brat Paddle will be carefully wrapped and mailed discreetly, with only our PO Box return address on the outside of the envelope. If you are in a personal and comfortable position to do so, please tell a friend about our site and products.

Additional information

With Blindfold

With Blindfold


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