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Wet Elite® Femme™| 144Count | Water Silicone Blend Lubricant

$ 198.33 (CAD)

Blended Lubricant For Playing Hard

Big 144 Count/Jar

Longer-Lasting Silkiness


Wet Elite® Femme™  144 Count Water Silicone Blended Lubricant

Have it all with Elite® Femme™ Water Silicone Blended Lubricant. Designed to mimic a woman’s natural moisture, Elite Femme Hybrid provides the comfort of a pure water base and the sensual, long lasting silkiness of a silicone. Longer lasting than water-based formulas, reapply this formula less often and keep your hands focused elsewhere.

  • Water-Silicone blended lubricant
  • Lightweight
  • Glycerin Free
  • Colorless
  • Long lasting
  • Not recommended For Use With Silicone Sex Toys.

Longer Lasting Lubricant For Your Glass Sex Toys

Icicles Pink Glass Plug

Icicles “The Juicer”-Elegant Upscale Unisex Toy

Wet Elite® Femme™ Water Silicone Blended Lubricant  will make a perfect addition for your special events: Dip into the jar at your Women’s Home Party;hand some out at your next Street Walk service (non-profit health agencies).Be a hit at your college dorm or show up at your next Student Union event.Use as a “grab-jar” counter item for your Massage Service/Agency. Use as a counter-item at your walk-in clinic, or add this jar of lubricant as a prize at your health service special event.

If you plan to add other jars of lubricants, try the water-based Wet Warming Desserts-Chocolate Chip Cookie lubricant or the Warm Delicious Donuts Lubricant.



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