Trojan Pleasure Pack Condoms

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This attractive 3/pack is made for people on the go! Put the phone down and grab a pack (or few) for the “surprise date” that isn’t on you yet…but MIGHT be…tonight!

A great addition to a discreet night table setting, or perhaps that Ski Weekend, or even as a stocking stuffer for the Holiday Season.

There might be STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections) lurking.

Read: The Rising Tide of Syphilis by MedScape and CDC

Pick up some handy Trojan Pleasure Pack 3/packs

Three different styles in each pack:Trojan Twisted Pleasure-Trojan Ultra ribbed and Trojan Luscious Flavours

Easy-carry in pockets or purses

Student favorite

5  FREE Mini-Lubes with any order of 10 X 3/pack order

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Trojan Ultra Thin    Trojan Magnum    Trojan BareSkin Supra (non latex)


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