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Trojan Pleasurepack-3’s-Student Health Orientation

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Buy some Trojan Pleasurepack 3’s for your Return To Campus Week.This page is dedicated to Student Health, and for others who wish to buy condoms in smaller quantities without breaking the budget.

September is the time of year when there are more than the usual number of stressors upon students. We know…we’ve BEEN there!

Library sign In-Book purchases-Gym Schedules-Campus Housing….Meet ‘N Greets…wait…HOLD it right there!

Put DOWN that phone…you just met somebody,possibly several somebodies. We’re human.There might be sex.

There might be STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections) lurking.

Read: The Rising Tide of Syphilis by MedScape and CDC

Yes..there probably ARE STI’s lurking,and as a responsible individual on campus, you’re also aware of the protective measures you need to take for you and your partner(s). Add Trojan Pleasurepack to your Frosh Kit.

Frosh-Kit Protection

Pick up some handy Trojan Pleasurepack 3/packs

Three different styles in each pack:Trojan Twisted Pleasure-Trojan Ultra ribbed and Trojan Luscious Flavours

Easy-carry in pockets or purses

Student favorite

10  FREE Mini-Lubes with any order of 10 X 3/pack order

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