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Sliquid Naturals Swirl Lubricant-Blackberry-Fig

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Sliquid Naturals Swirl Lubricant-Blackberry-Fig

Sliquid Naturals Swirl  Lubricants are flavored water based lubricants, glycerin and paraben free. All Swirl formulations start with our original Naturals H2O water based lubricant, and add flavoring and a hint of aspartame to sweeten. Sliquid Swirl Blackberry-Fig presents the subtle sweetness of fig with a hint of berry taste.The flavors are intended to enhance your taste, not disguise. All Sliquid products are formulated by sensitive women, for sensible women, and will never cause yeast infections or UTI’s.

Naturals Swirl Ingredients
Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Natural Flavoring, Aspartame, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

• Water based and water soluble
• 100% Vegan friendly
• Long lasting and easy to clean up
• Glycerin free and paraben free
• Non-Allergenic and non-toxic
Lightly flavored to enhance taste
• Non-staining, unflavored, and unscented
• Uniquely blended to enhance your body’s own natural lubrication

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Sliquid Swirl Tangerine-Peach-Delightfully fruity with a splash of citrus to awaken the tastebuds.

 Women’s Health Products

Sliquid Splash Gentle Feminine Wash is formulated as always completely glycerin and paraben free. These are great alternatives to traditional soap and water and other harsh detergents. Fragrance formulas are blended with essential oils, coconut derivatives, and sea salt. Sliquid Splash is perfectly balanced to complement a woman’s PH.

Sliquid Organics

Sliquid Organics Silk is water & silicone based hybrid organic personal lubricant, botanically infused with natural ingredients to create a natural silky and creamy texture,and to enhace Women’s Wellness. Blended with emollient esters, this natural lubricant resembles a fragrance free, soothing skin lotion. Sliquid Organics Silk is ideal to use on your most delicate body tissues, and for women with sensitivities. The 12% silicone blend adds longevity to the water based organic lubricant blend, making it ideal for long lasting intimate sessions, and it is ideal for sensual massage. Sliquid Organics Silk cleans up with the ease of a water based lubricant, and has the added longevity of a silicone based lubricant.


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