SKYN Vibes Personal Massager | Custom Enjoyment

$ 35.95 (CAD)

For Your Quality “Alone time” OR…Use With a Friend

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SKYN Vibes Personal Massager

With its smooth texture and curved, sensual shape, SKYN Vibes Personal Massager is designed to enhance your sensations for ultimate pleasure. Its ergonomic design and comfortable texture will stimulate any zone for ultimate enjoyment.

  • High power frequency delivers 20 speeds of powerful pleasure
  • Shaped to provide pleasure – just the way you like it
  • USB rechargeable battery
  •  Size: 18cm x 3.6cm x 3.8cm
  •  Material: Brushed Silicone
  •  Curved design & sensual shape for the ultimate pleasure for individuals and Couples
  •   Comfortable velvety texture will stimulate erogenous zones for ultimate enjoyment
  • WATER RESISTANT and latex free; perfect for use with SKYN condoms and water-based lubricants
  • Discreet: Shipped in discreet private packaging;Canada Post Tracking Number supplied (for Canadian & US destinations)
  • Performance: 20 speeds of high-power vibration for a wholesome sensual experience

Mid Range Priced For Millennial Women

As a millennial woman, LifeStyles associate brand manager Katie Quigley led the charge in creating a product that other millennial women want, at a price point they feel just as good about. Said Quigley, “We are combining the best of both worlds, bringing the high quality, rechargeable, adult market massager to local retailers at an affordable price.”

SKYN Accessories

LifeStyles SKYN Natural Chemistry Lubricant

From the distributors of LifeStyles SKYN products comes LifeStyles SKYN Natural Chemistry Lubricant. This lubricant was created to work in harmony with your body. Its pH balanced formula contains natural moisturizer to naturally boost your most intimate experiences. Enjoy the benefits of this personal lubricant, for  both penile and/or vaginal application; moisturize and lubricate and  enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity while supplementing  the body’s natural lubrication.LifeStyles SKYN Natural Chemistry Lubricant- 80 ml


Now that you’ve indulged yourself, and perhaps a partner, continue the foreplay with a purchase of LifeStyles SKYN (non latex condoms) for your safe and trusted male partner. Remember that SKYN condoms, unlike regular latex condoms, transmit body heat, so that you feel more of your partner.

You will find a number of styles of SKYN to meet your requirements: Regular SKYNLarge;SKYN Selection (variety pack), and SKYN Elite (softer).

Sex Still Happens During a Pandemic

If You’re feeling Sick…Skip the Sex: here is a link to the B.C. Centre for Disease Control.

Information For International Customers

Doggy Style Sex-Keeping The Distance



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