LifeStyles Ultra Trial Condoms  Plus Ring

Whether it’s focusing on you or your partner, or a little bit of both, this pack has a condom for every mood.

Now that you’re”fresh”into 2019, you’re into the “trial mode”. Perhaps you’re just starting a new relationship, or deciding to get condoms because you’ve heard of all the pitfalls of unsafe sex. Perhaps you’re a partier, and trying out new pleasurable  experiences. Perhaps you’re a student from overseas,navigating new experiences and housing at university.OR…you could be traveling or just hooking up.

Whatever your situation,personal protection from STI’s(Sexually Transmitted Infections) will likely score highly on your list.

LifeStyles Ultra Trial pack is a pleasure pack loaded with various choices of condoms.Find out which condoms are best suited to your needs,according to the sensation you feel with each condom.

The ultimate pleasure pack includes:

  • Ultra Sensitive: Almost like wearing nothing at all!
  • Ultra Ribbed: Ribbed for her. Stimulating for both.
  • Ultra Studded: Uniquely textured for maximum sensation
  • Ultra Lube: More lubrication for more pleasure

In the event that you may suffer from allergies to latex, visit our several pages of Non-Latex LifeStyles SKYN products. LifeStyles SKYN condoms are made of polyisoprene (a synthetic latex). Unlike regular latex,LifeStyles SKYN condoms transmit body heat, so that you feel more of your partner. LifeStyles SKYN (non latex condoms) are available in standard 10/packs, economy-sized 22/packs,as well as some different styles,such as SKYN Large, and SKYN Cocktail Club (Flavors)

Don’t forget the Lubricant: Water-Based lubricants are available throughout our site along with (silicone-based), for a more slippery and longer-lasting sensation.Note:Silicone-Based lubricants are thicker, and require more clean-up afterward. Keep silicone lubricants off your fresh clean sheets.


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