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Buy LifeStyles Trio Canada-Campus Health

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Buy LifeStyles Trio Canada

Campus Health-Orientation Week Sale

Three condom experiences, three novel ways to explore your sensuality. In this one 12/pack, you will find 4 of each of the following great LifeStyles products: LifeStyles Pleasure Ribbed; LifeStyles SKYN and LifeStyles Fun Bumps. Of course…if you have a preference for any one of these, they are ALL available in their own individual packaging.

LifeStyles Trio is a perfect choice for those who wish to try out various styles of condoms .Settling on a favorite choice can always be done later.

Buy LifeStyles Trio at our Special Sale prices to September 30.


The perfect condom choice for those who are new on campus, or returning to campus. September is the time for meeting new people, and enjoying new experiences.Don’t let a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) spoil your Campus Life.

Make a habit of carrying condoms

Talk to your partner(s)about the risks

Get Tested for STI’s.You can actually do this online in some communities in British Columbi Follow this link to the BC CDC(BC Centre For Disease Control).

If you live in the United States, here is a link via Planned Parenthood,which will take you to their online access to Health Centers throughout USA..



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