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LifeStyles King Large Condoms-Comfort Fit

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                                                                                                             LifeStyles KING Large Condoms-Comfort Fit

We get that you’re kind of a big deal. You deserve a condom that is comfortable and meets the size specifications specific to you.

 LifeStyles KING Large condoms provide that extra width and length for the man who needs a larger, more comfortable fit

  • Specially lubricated for maximum pleasure
  • Premium quality latex
  • Reservoir tip offers safety and comfort
  • Flared shape
  • 12/Pack-
  • Nominal Width:56mm
  • Length: 190mm/7.8”

To ensure more comfort for yourself AND your partner , we recommend that you accompany your purchase with ADDITIONAL lubricant There are a number of lubricants on our site, but if you are going to stick with the LifeStyles brand,you could try the LifeStyles Water-Based Personal Lubricant.

For a longer lasting lubricant, which you can use in the hot tub or shower, try the LifeStyles SKYN Silicone Lubricant.

If you are engaging in Anal Sex, the silicone lubricant lasts longer.And when you think you have used enough…slather on some more. Its also great for masturbation, wither during quality “alone-time” or with a partner.

Be sure to read about the differences between the behaviors of Water-Based Lubes and Silicone-Based Lubes

If you are sensitive to late rubber, or tend to suffer from latex allergies, try another option:

LifeStyles SKYN Large (Non Latex)



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