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LifeStyles King Large Condoms

$ 9.45 (CAD)

LGBT-InclusiveOrder a Tube of LifeStyles SKYN Lubricant, and get 6 additional LifeStyles King Condoms


                                                                                                                          LifeStyles KING Large Condoms

We get that you’re kind of a big deal. You deserve a condom that is comfortable and meets the size specifications specific to you.

  •  Extra width and length for the man who needs a larger, more comfortable fit
  • Specially lubricated for maximum pleasure
  • Premium quality latex
  • Reservoir tip offers safety and comfort
  • Flared shape
  • 12/Pack
  • More Lube? Try a tube of LifeStyles  SKYN Natural Feel Personal Lubricant.

If you are sensitive to late rubber, or tend to suffer from latex allergies, try another option:

LifeStyles SKYN Large (Non Latex)



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