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LifeStyles Condoms-Assorted Colors

Experience  safer sex with this variety pack of colored ,lubricated condoms. This  sealed bulk-pack of 144 premium LifeStyles condoms is perfect for those who want more than a standard supply of condoms on hand…especially for a crowd!

LifeStyles Assorted Colors are a favorite of Student Housing groups, or for those who are organizing a University Orientation Week,where”meet N’ Greet” can sometimes lead to on-going relationships.

In one pack,you will find an assortment of yellow,black,pink,green,blue,red and purple condoms. Great for “the LifeStyle” hand-outs at your next BBQ and Hot Tub gathering. As well,a purchase of a 144/pack is more economical for  Youth Outreach workers,as well as for those engaged in the sex-work industry.

NOTE*: Not available to re-sellers

NOTE*: Purchase does not include display jar.

For those who may suffer from allergies to latex, try the 144/pack of LifeStyles SKYN (Non-latex condoms). Not only do these condoms protect against latex allergies, but they also transmit body heat (unlike regular late condoms). So you get to feel more of your partner.

LifeStyles condoms contain natural rubber latex and, if used correctly, will help reduce the risk of pregnancy,transmission of HIV infection (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted infections.

Each condom is tested electronically and confirms to Canadian standards.

Store condoms in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Nominal Width: 52mm.For maximum protection, follow the instructions printed on the “inserts” which you will find inside the bulk packages (or any of the retail packs)







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