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LELO HULA Beads™ Ben Wa Balls | Isolation Special

$ 239.00 (CAD)

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LELO HULA Beads™  Ben Wa Balls-Isolation Special

 Just because you are practicing Social Distancing doesn’t mean that  sexual activity STOPS. On the contrary, if you are practicing your own isolation (with or without a partner), take this opportunity to re-discover some of the pink bits.Chances are, you’re not going to the office anyway .Why not spend that time being productive in other ways…like indulging in your own pleasure, and relieving some of that pent-up stress?

The first ever remote-controlled pleasure beads that rotate and vibrate, this unique LELO design offers a thrilling hands-free experience that turns your whole body into a sensual dance floor. With powerful yet discreet vibrations, it’s perfect for those that enjoy the subtle sensation of Ben Wa balls, but want even more!

Up Close & Personal

The shape and the silhouette of LELO HULA Beads™ should give you an indication of the multiple ways you’ll find to use them: the ‘head’ swirls gently while the ‘body’ vibrates, so you can either insert them just a little for pleasuring around the clitoris and labia, or insert them fully for sensations right against your G-spot. The feeling is unlike anything you’ve felt before: natural, deep and incredibly powerful. It’s the perfect product for those wanting to get back in touch with the rhythm of their bodies and explore entirely new kinds of pleasure!

There is a sexy, sensual ritual to opening a LELO box: it’s a celebration of pleasure, the ultimate expression of indulgence and excitement. Share it wisely, often, and with care.

How To Use Ben Wa Balls

Kate Scalisi (SexEducator) Answers Your Questions-Helpful Link

What Is “Happy Hour”?

Happy Hour is the time of day when you just want to let go of the stresses of the workplace. We decided to take a cue from our favorite watering holes, and introduce some SPECIALS to celebrate the day.

This means that,if you place an order for this product from 5PM-7PM (Pacific Time), you can get EXTRA lubricants and even condoms FREE with your order. Eastern Time (8-10 PM) Central Time (7-9 pm

LELO Sex Toy Antibacerial Cleaning Spray

LELO Moisturizer-Toy Accompaniment

  • HULA Beads™ massager
  • Wireless Remote Controller
  • Charger (Set to shipping address)
  • Satin Storage Pouch
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • 2 x AAA batteries for Remote
  • Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches ; 2.4 ounces

Product of Sweden

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