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LELO Gift Set-The Alibi

The Alibi is all about secrecy. Inside is the lipstick-style, USB-rechargeable and waterproof MIA™ 2 massager, which quietly offers pinpoint pleasure on the down-low. It’s paired with the LUNA™ Beads Noir, a set of duo-balls that enhance stimulation and arousal. Also, 75ml of LELO’s personal moisturizer.

Guilty Pleasures

Alibi: 1 :the explanation given by a person accused of a crime that he or she was somewhere else when the crime was committed.(snuggled in for the “apres ski” at your mountain getaway)

2 :an excuse intended to avoid blame. (But…but…you DID do it..didn’t you…you naughty! #HavingAGoodTime


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