Kama Sutra-Kissable Foreplay Oil-+ Free Condoms

$ 13.95 (CAD)

Purchase Any Scent and receive 3 Condoms FREE (lubricated/or non lubricated) 


Kama Sutra Kissable Foreplay Oil

Kama Sutra’s Oil of Love is a kissable, water-based foreplay oil( * Oil in name only-actually a water-based formula that washes away easily with water) that gently warms on the skin. Apply Kama Sutra Kissable Foreplay Oil to the erogenous zones of the body, lightly blow on the area to experience the gentle warming sensation and follow with kisses, enjoying the sweet flavor.

Oil of Love Original is Kama Sutra’s first product, with notes of creamy vanilla, warm chocolate and a hint of spicy cinnamon. Slippery to the touch, warm to the skin, and irresistible to the tongue. The oil draws your lips with the delicate scent and sultry taste that will arouse your lover with a tingling glow.

Drop it onto erogenous zones. Blow it. Kiss it. Now play. Allergy tested. Made in the USA.

Note: Oils of Love are ‘oil’ only in name; they are actually water-based formulas that wash away easily with water.

22 mL.

Not a flavored lubricant. Oil of Love® is a kissable flavored body oil designed for foreplay enhancement.

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