Jo H2O Personal Water-Based Lubricant

A super-slick, crystal clear water based lube with a feel that rivals silicone in terms of silkiness and overall longevity, System Jo’s H2O Personal Water-Based Lubricant is must have for sex, foreplay, masturbation and self-love with or without toys. Read  a thorough REVIEW here.

Thin and slippery, the texture perfectly mimics natural lubrication, and never gets sticky or tacky like some water based formulas can. The fact that H20 is water based is precisely what makes it so versatile, this lube is compatible with all toy materials including silicone and all varieties of rubber, it’s also condom safe and great for skin-to-skin contact. Clean up is easy and mess-free, as H20 won’t stain or discolor clothing, sheets and other fabrics, plus, it washes off skin and toys with plain water

  • Sizes: 1 oz; 2 oz
  • Special Features: Unscented

JO H2O  Personal Lubricant is 100% latex safe and manufactured under strict U.S FDA guidelines. It enhances your sense of pleasure like no other water-based lubricant.Type: Water Based
Feel: Silky Smooth Non Oily
Lasting Period: Long Lasting
Attributes: Similar in Feel to JO Silicone but without any Silicone
Cleaning: Water, with or without soap
Color: Clear
Scent: None
Taste: None
Performance Underwater: No
Usage with Silicone Toys: Yes
Usage with Non Silicone Toys: Yes
Latex Compatible: Yes
Can it be used by Men & Women? Yes

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