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Durex Condoms-66 Combination Pack-Canada-USA

Here’s what you get.

Two 12/packs of Durex Intense Sensation-Dotted with Raised Studs

A 24/pack of Durex Pleasuremix condoms

Durex Pleasure Mix  condoms. You get a mix of Performax, Durex Intense Sensation, Durex Tropical, Durex Love, Durex Sensi-Thin, and Durex Pleasuremax .

A 10 /pack of Durex Real Feel Non Latex condoms

An 8/pack of NEW Durex InvisibleExtra Thin-Extra Lubricated

 Durex Real Feel Condoms:A non-latex condom for a natural skin-on-skin feeling.Real Feel ™ Non Latex condoms are made of polyisoprene, which is softer and more flexible than latex. If your partner (s) is afflicted with allergies from latex,then this is the product for you!.

This would be an ideal purchase for the following groups/occasions

Student Healthy Living Promotions/Student Housing Services

Street Youth Harm-Reduction Services.

First Nations Friendship Sex-Education Centres.

Swingers’ Prize Draws/Hot Tub BBQ & Boink Weekends

Sex Workers  & Massage Services

Ski Chalet Getaways: Whistler.Big White Weekend;Buttermilk in Colorado, or Coronet in New Zealand.

One BIG..BIG Après  Ski Weekend!

Après ski is when you have just awoken from a nap after gracing the slopes all day and you’re main intention is to snuggle in with your favorite Bunny/Bear. But with Safer Sex. Here is a Winter-Selection Package to make your Ski-weekend complete.

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