Durex Love Condoms-Campus Life Special-$2.25

$ 2.25 (CAD)

Love In The Time of COVID19- Sex Still Happens Between Regular Partners

$2.25/4 Pack Special to October 31,2021


Durex Love Condoms-Campus Life Special

Everyone Could use some Love…and some Durex Love Condoms

 Main Features:

Fresh scent-little or no latex odor.
Transparent latex
Thin and stretchy
Extra room at the tip
A little extra lube for comfort and sensation.

Condom Expiry Date:August, 2024

Durex Love Sale

Our Durex Love Sale is offered at a reduced price of $2.25 and extends to October 31. We recognize that everyone could use a little Love right now, especially with the reduced restrictions around Covid 19.  We propose that customers maintain safety protocols however, particularly when it comes to heavy breathing in your partner’s face.

The advent of COVID19 and isolation does not mean the”end of sex”. It simply means that sexual activities will change. At the moment, you can kiss “goodbye” to the casual hook up. You need to preserve your health and body to those currently close to you.

If you’re wondering about “social Distance” in the time of Covid19, we have garnered some enthusiasm and figures around the position of #Doggy-Style Sex. Here is our link to the post.Keeping Your Distance With Doggy Style Sex

October Sale


Discreet Ordering.Your parcel arrives in a Plain Brown Wrapper…hence our company name: PBW Resources.

Canada Post tracking service for Canada and USA.

Notes For International Customers


Our post titled “Love in The Time of COVID19-Sex Doesn’t Stop” addresses the possibilities of change for our customers. Not only do we maintain the need for condoms between couples (to fight other viruses as well as preventing unwanted pregnancies),  we address other activities such as “Butt Stuff” for the uninitiated , or a combination of anal exploration with the use of some helpers such as the LELO Bob

Buy Durex Love  condoms as protection against sexually transmitted infections such as:



Genital Herpes

Human Papillovirus (HPV)


Bacterial Vaginosis.


Additional information

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