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Student Orientation Month-Campus Health

Check With Your Campus Pride Coordinators too!

Covering Campuses in Canada and USA

Yes…we KNOW its still only summer.But, we’re looking ahead to those important days in the fall, generously referred to as Orientation Weeks, which,depending on what University you attend,could happen at the beginning of September, or even later in the month.

Some universities call this period “Frosh 101”. This represents the foundation of your university life. These weeks will be a roller-coaster of emotions. Getting-to-know-campus,meeting new friends,growing pains,budget,books,assignments. ..and on and on.

Your “Frosh Kits”will likely consist of:1) A shoestring tote  2)Water Bottle  3)  Lanyard (to keep keys and student card safe), 4)Bandana and 5) Sunglasses. COOL is that?

Like any human multi-gatherings, there may be sex.Or,more appropriately…there WILL be sex…and here’s #6 on your list: CONDOMS for Campus Health. Now that’s “Uber-Cool”

And this is the subject where safety and health is of prime importance.  With any luck, you will be able to attend a “Wellness Workshop”where the subject of safer sex and common STI’s (Sexual Transmitted Diseases) will be discussed.

According to the National Post’s Sex Survey of Canadian Students,45% cited condoms as their preferred method of contraception.Read more of the survey.National Post Sex Survey-Canadian Students

Of those students who used condoms, the main motivation was birth control (54%). A combination of birth control and STI prevention was cited by far fewer (38%), while STI prevention alone came in at just 6%.


As a responsible member of your university community, you’ll want to ensure that YOU practice safer sex, as well as protecting your partner.

Frosh-Kit Protection

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