Doc Johnson KINK Hybrid Lubricant

Doc Johnson KINK Hybrid Lubricant is an exciting collaboration with to create a collection of high-quality authentic fetish items suitable for long-term practitioners and new initiates alike.

It’s the best of both worlds. Doc Johnson KINK Hybrid lubricant features our special blend of water-based and silicone-based ingredients, creating a smooth, creamy texture – your skin will beg for more. This hybrid lube’s thick, cushiony formula is also closer in consistency and feel to real cum than any silicone-based or water-based product. Give your partner a good SPLOOGE of this to heighten your eroticism.

• Hybrid Formula Personal Lubricant
• Smooth Creamy Texture
• Realistic Feel and Consistency

4 fl.oz

Some activities absolutely require lube because the delicate tissues around your genitals can be more sensitive than the rest of your body. This is why, even if vaginal dryness isn’t something that you or your partner deal with on a regular basis, lube is still a great thing to have on hand when you want to add a little spark to your fire.

Many couples rush past manual play to get to the main event, but a little bit of lube can make you both want to enjoy the pleasure of touch a little longer. Lube can help ease the friction of manual stimulation which helps make it more enjoyable for both men and women.

Try out some new hand job techniques with lube. You can find many discussion boards online with lots of information on how you can extend your pleasure. And you might be surprised that getting to second base can feel like a home run.

In case you think that the Hand Job is the “poor cousin” of the blowjob, you might want to rethink that. The hand job still rocks, and can be performed almost anywhere, whether you are dressed or undressed.

More KINK With Your Sex Toys

This  hybrid lubricant can also be used safely with any of the glass sex toys listed on our site (but not with other toys that consist of silicone finishes).

Doc Johnson KINK lubricant is also available as Water-Based lubricant as well as Silicone-Based.  Just follow the links for further descriptions.


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