Desire Silicone Lubricant by Swiss Navy

Fulfill Your Desire

Timeless pleasures need long-lasting essentials!    Desire  Silicone Lubricant by Swiss Navy is a liquid wonder meant to reduce friction and enhance your sexual delights. Intentionally non-sticky, the highest-grade silicone delivers a luscious, silky feel wherever applied. Nourishing, lightweight, and slippery-smooth, Desire by Swiss Navy Silicone-based Intimate Lubricant helps extend your sexiest moments.

Embrace the power of lube!

Handy Instructions:

Pour, drip or drizzle where Desired

Just a little goes a long way

Non-sticky, slick long-lasting formula

Reapply as Desired

Additional Information:

  • Desire Silicone Lubricant by Swiss Navy adds a fluid glide and extra comfort to intimate activities
  • Created to enhance pleasure and decrease friction
  • Use this long-lasting, non-sticky formula to extend enjoyment
  • Developed by women, for women
  • Proudly Made in the USA with the highest-grade quality ingredients

Silicone lube is the longest lasting of all sexual lubricants. It won’t evaporate, so it retains its glide-ability over a longer period of time. This means that you can use less product and have longer sex without interruptions. Like water-based, silicone lube is also condom safe.

Important Notes

Do not use silicone based lubricants with sex toys which incorporate parts made from silicone; Silicone lubricant will break down the components of the toy, and spoil the fun…and your budget. You CAN however, use silicone lubricant on glass pleasure objects, and you will see a number of those on our site.

Take more time to clean up after using silicone lubricants. Generally, silicone lubricants can stain your clothes or your nice white sheets.

Get More Desire

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Shop From Home

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