Condoms Canada Après Ski -2020

Get Out of The House-Time to hit the slopes! Weekend or Not…Here we Come!

Whether you’re headed for Whistler,Big White, Banff,Vail, Telluride or Jackson Hole, the slopes are just half the fun.

This Year-2020-Its Different

Shop From Home!

Après ski is literally French for “after ski,” and it’s a general phrase to describe the social activities that take place after a day spent hitting the slopes. For both cross country and downhill, you’re outside, which is probably safer than hanging about inside with a group. However, our package addresses INSIDE activities, whether you are meeting new partners, or taking a partner with you on the slopes. Enjoy!

Skiers share experiences on the chairlift up the mountain, but they’re kind of off doing their own thing. They may go off and experience different parts of the mountain, but then everybody comes together at the end of the day and meets up for an après ski drink.

Depending on the couples, or singles who meet each other during the sport, there may be sexual activities as a result. Activities don’t stop at the hot tub, or even in front of the romantic fire in your chalet.

If you’re practicing safety on the slopes, you should also practice safety in the bedroom, or on the rug. That’s why we have put together some attractive products to increase your après ski enjoyment.

Whether you’re headed for Whistler,Big White, Banff,Vail, Telluride or Jackson Hole, the slopes are just half the fun. Indulge yourself and your partner with a full weekend of safety and fun.

Apres ski is when you have just awoken from a nap after gracing the slopes all day and you’re main intention is to snuggle in with your favorite Bunny/Bear. But with Safer Sex. Here is a Winter-Selection Package to make your Ski-weekend complete

Vancouver Coastal Health- Locations and Services

STD (STI) Testing Locations-USA

Moguls:Moguls are bumps set out on a slope – usually found on black runs and used by advanced skiers .  In THIS case-a  sale pack of LifeStyles Ultra Thin (latex) condoms. $8.89

T-Bar Lift: Goes between your legs and pulls you up the slope:Value $10.49 In THIS case-  a tube of Jo System Flavoured Lubricant-Vanilla Creme.

The Wax. Used on the underside of skis and snowboards to help them glide smoothly over the snow. an Earthly Body Massage Candle-Hot Spiced Yum   Drizzle this warm massage oil straight out of the tin and onto the skin! Value $15.00

 The Crevasse: A deep and sometimes hidden crack in a glacier. In THIS case,, a quality foreplay  clear glass sex toy (Plug) from Pipedream Icicles. Enjoy as a couple, or indulge with self-love for quality “Me Time”.Value $22.95

 Condoms Canada Après Ski your Go-To Sport This Year

Dust off with a 1 oz pack of Kama Sutra Honey Dust @ a sale price of $10.98

3 sample packs Sliquid Naturals Sassy Gel (Just a little Booty Gel) FREE with your order.

BONUS-Get FREE Condoms With this Order

The Hard Pack 12 LifeStyles  SKYN (non latex singles)  Condoms

Partner Distance With Doggy Styles Sex-Going Deeper

Our Covid19 Statement-Safety-Packaging & Health



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