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Condoms Canada Holiday Pack-Chocolate Gift Pack

$ 44.94 (CAD)



Condoms Canada Holiday Pack

If you are a serious “chocoholic”,thin indulge yourself and /or partners  with our Condoms Canada Holiday Pack  Special.But you don’t have to have a holiday to enjoy all these treats, a combination pack of lickable,kissable chocolate massage cream and  honey dust.Get FREE CONDOMS with this order too.

Here’s what you get in ONE Combo Pack:

Shunga Intoxicating Chocolate Massage Cream- $12.99

Kama Sutra Chocolate Caress Honey Dust:$21.00

Jo H2O Chocolate Delight (water-based) lubricant- 5.25oz bottle-$10.95

You SAVE  over $14.00 over the single purchase price of these items.

Use this as a gift pack for your partner, or if you want to present any of these as a gift to someone else.

You can also substitute items within the same product categories (if you find Chocolate Sex to be a “sensual overload” Just submit a note in one of the order fields  to identify your preferred substitution.


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