CalExotics 5 Piece Kegel Training Set

Tighten and tone pelvic floor muscles in only 5 minutes a day with the CalExotics Kegel Training 5-Piece Set. Give your pelvic floor muscles the training they have been craving with 5 gradually weighted exercisers to gently increase exercise intensity and sexual pleasure. The 5-piece set includes a 40 g, 60 g, 80 g, 100, and 120 g and a full workout routine. While the dual weights work to increase sexual arousal, they’re designed to gently tone and strengthen pelvic muscles. By working those key love muscles, you reduced the risk of pelvic floor disorders or incontinence, while increasing erotic pleasure. An extended retrieval cord makes removal quick, easy, and gentle. The kegel weights are made from a hygienically superior silicone. This body safe material is unscented and phthalate free to keep your most sensitive spots happy and healthy.

How do I find my pelvic floor muscles?

Your pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles that form a small ‘sling or hammock’ that runs between your pubic bone in the front of your body to your tailbone (end of your spine) at the back.

Finding your pelvic floor muscles is pretty simple. Try stopping the flow of your urine when you are sitting on the toilet. Only do this until you learn how it feels (otherwise this stopping and starting of urine flow can lead to other health problems). You can also insert a finger into your vagina and squeeze the muscles in your vagina around it. You should feel pressure around your finger. The muscles you feel ‘lifting’ inside of you when you are trying these activities are the same ones you strengthen during Kegel exercises.

Personal lubricant is a wonderful thing. But there are so many types of lube, and weeding through the options can feel overwhelming. Deciding between water-based lube, silicone-based lube, and oil-based lubricant can feel very tedious—but finding the right one for you can make sex and masturbation much more enjoyable.

Use a Water-Based Lubricant for Silicone-covered Toys

“The goal of lube is to decrease friction,” Tami Rowen, M.D., an ob-gyn at UCSF Medical Center who specializes in sexual health concerns, tells SELF. “But how long one lasts and how each person responds will vary.” Vaginas are all different, and some are sensitive to various ingredients or produce less natural lubrication. And lube for anal sex is a whole other situation.

Squeaky Clean

Four things to Know About Using Kegel Trainers

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