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Buy HardCover Condoms-Bubblegum Flavour

HardCover Bubblegum condoms are part of the “Lollypops” line of condoms,and one of a fine assortment of flavors.

We suggest that flavoured condoms are a perfect choice for the oral sex aficionados who do not wish the distraction of  tasting yucky latex while indulging in a quick…or long  BJ session.


There are a number of reasons that we chose to promote this product as a stand-alone item at CondomsCanada

  • Bubblegum flavoured condoms are a hot-selling item
  • A suitable condom for first-timers.
  • A great promotion item for non-profit youth agencies.
  • Suitable for Outreach counseling agencies
  • Hand-out prize packages for Swinger’s Club Hot tub & BBQ nights.
  • Harm Reduction package for University Orientation weeks

Issued in  sealed packages of 144

FREE HardCover Water-based lubricants accompany any online order:

Color: Pink

More HardCover Flavours Available Here.



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