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At CondomsCanada.com,we have been distributing a range of condom products for about 20 years.During that time, we have gained a considerable number of female customers, and the number of female customers grow each year. That’s because women are taking the lead in precautions against STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections). As well, women are sharply defining the changing nature of relationships in an increasingly biologically risky world.

We’re pleased to advise that half of our staff members are comprised of women,employed in the areas of hospital management (at the executive level). Other staff have held positions at a public health disease laboratory.Which means that we have actually SEEN and cultured the bugs that a rerolling around in the human body.

Sexually Transmitted Infections are still on the rise in most parts of Canada.We can only address the spread in small ways.

Approximately 38% of our customers are female. It makes a lot of sense then, to meet their health requirements on a par with our male customers.

You will find a variety of condoms on our site.

Durex Products Here.

Trojan Condoms Here

The FC2 Female Condom Here

Latex Dams (barriers) Here- for safer oral sex. Male/Female;Male/Male;Female/Female.





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