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Unisex Massagers-Hand Blown Glass-Icicles

Icicles #31-Blown Glass G-Spot Massager

Take the plunge into the world of  stimulation by glass.Elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, this luxurious line of glass massagers will leave you breathless. Each hand-blown Icicle glass massager is sleek, unique, and made to play hard. This  this piece takes no real looking after, it is tough, cleans easily and any lube can be added.  Water based  lubricant is just fine,but (more clean-up on your sheets) will also do the trick, especially for anal play. The other beauty with glass is that you can heat or cool for temperature play.

The beauty of this toy lies in the control you have over the angle and thrust of the dildo by gripping the other end. The shape of dildo also makes it ideal for anal use, being perfectly poised for prostate stimulation.

Smoothed into a tapered tip designed for comfy penetration, Icicles No. 81 Massager slims down into a straight shaft enhanced by spiraling texture. A small circular base separates the penetrator portionIcicles #81 Blue Glass Massager from a big ringed handle- twist and roll the ring to spin those textured ripples and big tip internally.

Icicles #73-Pink Glass Plug-Elegant Sex Toy

 With the Icicles # 73 Pink Glass Sex Toy,you can indulge yourself without the need for plug-ins,,electronics and USB’s. As well as unisex enjoyment,Icicles products are more economical product than the other elegant products on the market.

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