Ultra Ribbed Condoms-Safer Sex

What are ribbed condoms? Ribbed condoms have little ridges running around them that makes sex more pleasurable. If you use a ribbed condom correctly you will feel an extra pleasure on your penis given by the ribs of the condom. The partner too receives a sensation which brings in complete ecstasy to the moment. These condoms are for people who say that they cannot feel anything when they wear a condom.

The small ridges on a ribbed condom create in some vibrating sensation on penile girth and her internal vaginal wall. This leads to an arousing when sex is enjoyed the most. Manufacturers are using these different techniques to popularize the use of condom and also increase the safety of sex. It is often observed that couples engage in unsafe sex and then take all sorts of tensions and waste money on pregnancy tests. It’s wiser to use Condoms and remain safe.

There are varieties of ribbed condoms manufactured by the brands. Some ribbed condoms have large ribs, while others have small ribs or something between them. The texture is felt by both the partners. Trojan or Durex or LifeStyles ribbed condoms have effective designs to increase the element of pleasure while having sex. The ribs are strategically placed on the condoms to give the utmost sensation. Get a ribbed condoms and see what pleasure awaits you.

Ultra Ribbed Condoms

TROJAN® Her Pleasure™ Ultra Ribbed Lubricated Condoms are designed from a woman’s perspective to help heighten her sensation and pleasure while providing extra comfort for men . Comfort shape allows freedom of movement for a more natural experience.

  • Deep Ribs – for extra enjoyment and stimulation
  • Ultra Silky-smooth premium lubricant – for enhanced sensitivity and comfort
  • Each condom is electronically tested – to help ensure reliability

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