Teen Health-Safer Sex

There are probably thousands of articles that have been written about Teen Health,and we don’t propose to list all of them on our site.

Here is a link to “I Wanna Know”,which will lead you to other links which discuss  studies in sexual health,relationships,LGBT issues,oral sex, STI’s, condoms and more.

We can address some specifics of condoms for you.

First, condoms are category-listed as medical devices in Canada, and in most other western countries.They warrant this listing because they are inserted into a human body, and are subject to special care to meet the requirements of handling,storage and sales.

In Canada, there are no age requirements for purchasing condoms.If you are a US citizen,check with your state and local authorities to determine any age limits (for purchasing condoms) that may apply to you.

Our site, <www.condomscanada.scom>is NOT an “adult only”site, and we do not ask your age. Our position is…”If You’re Human…you can get them”.

Products are shipped in the original “brand” packaging.Unlike some sites, we do not supply the products by single foils.The brand packages contain all the information you need to know about the product,including “How to Use a Condom”,storage safety,protection information and expiry dates.

All of our products are shipped in a plain brown wrapper(or postal envelope). Postal tracking numbers are supplied.

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Why Use Flavoured Condoms?

Non-Latex Condoms

For those who may have, or who tend to suffer from allergies to latex.

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