Condoms Canada Swiss Navy Lubricants

SWISS NAVY Premium Water Based  personal lubricants are setting the standard in today’s marketplace. Swiss Navy Lubricants have patented leak-proof locking pumps on every bottle. Our pumps make Swiss Navy lubricants very travel friendly and spill proof via the locking pump. Our uniquely designed bottles have a high-end look. They are designed to be kept on the nightstand, not in it.  This Water Based lubricant has a viscosity unlike any other water based lubricant.

Swiss Navy All Natural water based lubricant has an incredibly silky feel and superb glide. Carrageenan gives it a silicone feel in a water based formula. Three sizes to meet your personal needs.

  • Glycerin, paraben and sugar free
  • Leak-proof bottle with locking pump
  • Latex Condom Safe

No “Permission to Come Aboard” is required with Swiss Navy as these great lubes are readily compatible with your vibrating toys. Leak-proof, lockable pump. Very travel friendly, no spills no mess, will not stain sheets. Made in USA-MD Science Lab LLC.

3 Handy Sizes




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