Happy Hour

Bars,Lounges and other establishments offer “Happy Hour” Specials, usually late in the day.

We’ve discovered a purchasing trend among our customers,whereby  we have processed some significant condom/lubricant orders  late in the day…around 5 PM-7 PM(Pacific Coast Time).

Clearly,when “he”gets home from the office,he’s had enough of work, and wants to indulge in some play…either by himself or with a partner.

Same with “Her”, except lubricants and Toys may be on Her mind. It never hurts to include some Massage Oils and Candles either.

You can check our Happy Hour Specials daily, either via our Twitter site, or simply contacting us by E-mail, and asking the same question that others ask  their server: “What’s ON today?”

Enjoy The Variety

5-7PM-(Pacific Time)

During Happy Hours, you can get some FREE CONDOMS with your order, or we may post a Reduced Price Special. Place a routine order for the lubricant of your choice, and receive EXTRA LUBRICANT or NON-LUBRICATED CONDOMS  for your extra products. Order some Massage Oil and get a 1 oz Massage Candle FREE with the order.



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