Easy On Durex Sensi-Thin  Condoms

Durex Sensi-Thin condoms offer exceptional sensitivity. 20% thinner than standard condoms while providing the protection you want. Fitted shape for Easy on and great feel.Durex Sensi-Thin is available both in the 3/pack size and the 12/pack size.

The 3/pack has a great student-approval-rating because the pack can be discreetly carried in pockets and purses, ready for use during any occasion. There is always an opportunity for that”Surprise Date”at the SUB(Student Union Building) on Campus.

MORE 3/packs

Durex Intense Sensation Condoms

Durex Love 4/pack

A set of instructions for proper use of a condom is enclosed with EACH pack. Following these (basic) instructions means that you will likely enjoy a safer sex, especially if this is your first-time experience with condoms.

In North America,many students come from foreign countries to garner educational benefits. The information provided within each pack of condoms will ensure that they receive  the best communications available about safer sex.


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