Durex Condoms: Sexual Health

Why are Durex condoms the best condoms? Durex has years of experience manufacturing condoms. So it’s safe to say that every single one is the product of a process that’s tried and tested.

Each is tested electronically, with samples from every batch also inflated with air to test their strength.

International standards demand that a condom can contain 18 liters of air in this “air burst test.” A Durex condom will typically expand to hold 40 liters of air without bursting. (Just one example of us not just meeting worldwide safety quality standards – but exceeding them.)

Sample condoms are also filled with water to make sure they don’t leak. (To be on the safe side, we conduct about two million of these water tests per month.)

All condom types are also dermatologically tested.

Every single condom is electronically tested, to confirm freedom from holes, before being released for sale.

Now, as well as pushing the boundaries of product testing, we are also constantly undertaking research projects – looking for new ways to improve our products or spotting new trends in sexual behavior that may lead to whole new product areas.

This means that we have collected a goldmine of information that’s regularly consulted by health ministries, hospitals, scientists, academics and other sexual health bodies.

So… there you have it; the best processes, making the best condoms, backed by the smartest thinking.

Maybe that’s why millions of people across the world use Durex every day.

We have recently added a NEW Durex Product to our pages.

Check out the NEW Durex Invisible...the transparent condom that is the thinnest condom produced by Durex.

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