Better Oral Sex

Getting to “The Talk”

Just tell him exactly what you want instead of making him guess like he’s at a sex carnival. You don’t have to help him navigate like a sea captain, but saying things like “softer” or keep doing circles” or whatever is super appreciated and keeps him from going rogue, aka you tell him to keep doing what he’s doing and suddenly he’s fingering you and you just sigh heavily because come on. There’s always more.

 Oral Sex Is Healthy Sex

(But take some simple precautions to prevent STI’s)

Flavored condoms and Good Head flavored gel.

Besides the protection of flavored condoms,which also help with scents to reduce the “yuck factor”. Durex brand  features a pack of Tropical flavours; Trojan brand gives you a pack of Luscious Flavours.  You can also use some non-lubricated condoms, and apply the flavored lubricant of your choice. and there are many to choose from.

You can also purchase LifeStyles Luscious Flavors condoms in single/foil packs. Here is a link to the page that will give you options of 9, 20 and 45 condoms (or multiples thereof)

At Condoms Canada, we believe that oral sex is STILL sex;  some people believe that it isn’t really sex until you have penetration. You can still contract bacterial and viral infections from oral sex and we serve up   a number of condom and lubricant products, that even the choosiest of individuals will find a product that ups their oral sex game.

Some guys like their  oral  sex stealthy and quick as if performed by S.E.A.L. team; others want a  mess like rebel forces storming a capital. There’s no right way.

 Using Latex Dams(Barriers)

Good Times With “Good Head”

We have never heard of “Bad Head”. But, we can turn just “plain old head” into “Good Head” with this mouthwatering oral sex enhancer turns your lover’s naughty bits into a tasty treat. Formulated and bottled at our FDA-certified lab in sunny California, this body-safe gel delivers the delicious flavors of French Vanilla; Candy Floss; Mint or Wild Cherry . No sugar or parabens. You won’t be able to keep your hands—or mouth—off them!

Doc Johnson Good Head-French Vanilla-4 oz

  • Enhances Flavor During Oral Sex
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Body-Safe
  • Proudly Made in America

Up your oral sex game! Use any of the Good Head gels to make your experience more pleasurable; be sure to wash off your lover’s body parts first to ensure that you are starting from a clean base. After all, you don’t want to be adding flavor to an already presentation of sweaty pink bits that have been locked up in a pair of Jockeys all day, and which now suddenly spring from their lonely cage for your enjoyment.

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