Colored Condoms

Most condoms have a “neutral color”, and are presented by several popular brands, with some added contours to “up your game”.

Why not bring a little variety into your sex life, without reducing your plans for safer sex encounters. Most of the brand name colored condoms also have accompanying flavors. However, if you want a variety of colors, without the need for flavor, then we recommend a purchase of LifeStyles Assorted Colors.LifeStyles Assorted Colors

Experience  safer sex with this variety pack of colored ,lubricated condoms. This  sealed bulk-pack of 144 premium LifeStyles condoms is perfect for those who want more than a standard supply of condoms on hand…especially for a crowd!

LifeStyles Assorted Colors are a favorite of Student Housing groups, or for those who are organizing a University Orientation Week,where”meet N’ Greet” can sometimes lead to on-going relationships.

In one pack,you will find an assortment of yellow,black,pink,green,blue,red and purple condoms. Great for “the LifeStyle” hand-outs at your next BBQ and Hot Tub gathering. As well,a purchase of a 144/pack is more economical for  Youth Outreach workers,as well as for those engaged in the sex-work industry.

Nominal Width: 52mm.For maximum protection, follow the instructions printed on the “inserts” which you will find inside the bulk packages (or any of the retail packs)



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