Coconut Thrills-Shunga-Toko AROMA Lubricant

Coconut Thrills:  a delicious taste to excite and guide your senses; all the while providing an ultra long-lasting silky-smooth sensation.

Sugar-free and latex-safe, Shunga-Toko AROMA lubricants are also ultra-silky and long lasting.

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Directions For Use: Pour a little amount in your hand and apply on intimate area or use over a latex condom to facilitate penetration.

We have plenty of coconut aromas and  tastes, especially in the choice of Shunga-Toko AROMA-Coconut Thrills Lubricant. Be sure to check out Shunga’s Kissable Massage Creams, as well as  the romantic touches of  Shunga’s Scented Massage Candles.

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