Chocolate Chip Cookie Lubricant-WET® Warming Desserts®

Raw cookie dough may be dangerous, but this Baked Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Heating Lubricant , packed in a 144/count container from WET® Warming Desserts® is safe for consumption anytime, anywhere. Dollop a drop or two onto your partner, then blow on the applied areas to activate a gentle warming effect. Use as needed to supplement your natural moisture and enhance intimacy.

Heat up the bedroom with Chocolate Chip Cookie Lubricant-WET® Warming Desserts® lubricant. Chocolate Chip Cookie Lubricant

 Sugar-free dessert flavor
 Gentle warming effect with motion
 Great for massage or use as lubricant
 Compatible with latex
 Easily washes with warm water
Ingredients: Glycerin, Flavor/Aroma

Take a bowl of WET® Desserts to your Student Union Building.WOW! them with the choice of flavors.

Make this 144-Bowl of lubricant treats the center-piece of your womens’ home party.More fun that lipsticks and makeup…..probably.

Winter: Take a bowl to share with your apres-ski friends/partners at the chalet hot-tub gathering.

Spring/Summer: A Bowl of 144 (10ml size sachets) is the “must-have” for your Easter Party Guests.Bring safer oral sex to a whole new level.

Get even MORE WET® Warming Lubricants when you place your online order during Happy Hour (5 pm-7 pm-Pacific Time).We’ll mix it up for you with both water-based and silicone-based lubes.