Boys Club-LELO Billy Prostate Massager

LELO Billy is  a gentleman’s prostate massager ideal for exploring a more energetic sensation within.With an ergonomic design perfectly suited to the male form,he offers sustained control through five different stimulation mode.Such versatility achieves breathtaking results, where vibrations may be kept mild during arousal,before increasing to the levels that excite his user most.Whether enjoyed individually, or with a partner, LELO BILLY is a highly discreet and satisfying companion,always primed to deliver the most varied feelings of release.

Perfect for those who are currently practicing personal isolation (perhaps with a regular partner), or for those who are exercising sexual release during a period of quarantine during the COVID19 pandemic.

Good Prostate Health And Correct Massage Techniques.

Completely Rechargeable

Use with a water-based lubricant, and LELO’s Antibacterial Cleaning Spray.

Don’t let the name “Boys Club” fool you. While this pleasure object is for male exploration, you can include a female partner  to share your unique sensations.

What Is “Happy Hour”?

Happy Hour is the time of day when you just want to let go of the stresses of the workplace. We decided to take a cue from our favorite watering holes, and introduce some SPECIALS to celebrate the day.

This means that,if you place an order for this product from 5PM-7PM (Pacific Time), you can get EXTRA lubricants and even condoms FREE with your order. Eastern Time (8-10 PM) Central Time (7-9 pm).

Our usual Happy Hour bonus is a tube of Water-Based Lubricant.You can change this Happy Hour choice to condoms or massage oils which are priced equivalent to the lubricant. Simply note your choice on your order form/field.


Is it safe to use a silicone-based lubricant with my LELO product?

LELO recommends that you not use a silicone-based lubricant with your LELO product, as this could make the silicone permanently tacky. A water-based lubricant is the safest option. If you wish to use a silicone-based lubricant, perform a patch-test first. You should also never use massage oil or hand cream as lubricants. However, note that LELO LUXE products are suitable for both silicone- and water-based lubricants.

Sales of LELO products on this web site are in accordance with LELO’s MAP (Minimal Order Pricing)-Except for Sale Items.

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