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Benefits of Masturbation-Quarantine With Us

Over the last few months and into 2020, we have been visited by the COVID19 virus in a pandemic. Many areas of the world are practicing quarantine,and individuals are practicing isolation.

That does not mean that human sexuality stops.It simply means that individuals use other options to both explore their own sexuality, and enjoy private and pleasurable moments.

First of all, ignore the myth that masturbation will make you go blind, or inflict some other kind of body-changing nightmare upon you.

We’re all human in here. Masturbation should be considered “exercise” for both men and women.

Benefits Of Masturbation

  • For men, it can lower the risk of prostate cancer
  •  You can last long during human to human sex
  •  It boosts you immunity
  • It improves/boosts your mood by releasing endorphins.The release of endorphins is associated with feelings of pleasure, sexuality/sensually, motivation, euphoria, social connection and pain relief.
  • During Quarantine or self-isolation, you’re probably not doing much of anything anyway. Give up Netflix for awhile, and get a grip of the pink bits.

At Condoms Canada, we have presented some little helpers to make your solo time, or time with a partner more enjoyable.

Masturbation Cream

Get a grip…with a tube of Smokey Wrangler Masturbation Cream.Breathe in the masculine, smokey leather scent of Bucked Leather-Scented Masturbation Cream as you treat yourself to luxury. It begins as a soft cream, fortified with Coconut Oil and Vitamin E, which quickly melts into a long-lasting, slick glide that enriches your skin so you can take hold and be the master of your own pleasure. Home On The Range…(or anywhere else for that matter) never felt so good!

Available in Unscented Too

Enjoy  more  benefits of masturbation erotic experience during your “Private Party” ,during “solo time” or until a partner joins you for the mutual benefit of hearing every little squelch.

Keep an eye on our pages to pick up on some “Happy Hour”  price reductions, or EXTRAS, such as FREE CONDOMS. “Happy Hour” is defined as the period between 5-7 PM (Pacific Time).

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