Shunga-Toko Aqua Formula lubricant

 Water-based and formulated to emulate natural lubrication and facilitate penetration, this Aqua Formula lubricant from Shunga enhances bodily sensations during moments of intense sexual excitement.

The clear, odorless water based formula is ultra silky and long lasting, completely safe for latex condoms and gear as well as all types of toy materials, and it won’t stain your clothing or sheets.


  • Fragrance free
  • Water based and water soluble
  • Latex and toy safe
  • Ultra long lasting

Paraben-Free, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan.

Size:165 ml/5.5 fl. Oz

Made in/Fait du Canada

Ideal for Sex-Toy parties; Display purchase stock for Student Orientation Weeks; Staff at Escort/Sex Worker venues, or for stock at health non-profit facilities.

And There is MORE

If Lubricants,combined with flavors are your thing, Shunga-Toko lubricants are available in several yummy flavors:

Tangerine Cream-Tangerine-a fruit that is pliable, loose, juicy and eaten readily! Sounds good to us!

Melon-Mango-Peach-like and juicy! A “Honeydew Day”

Strawberry-Champagne-No black tie required. Just pop the cork and enjoy the fizz!



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