Shunga  Sweet Snow Body Powders

Shunga Sweet Snow Body Powders:Sprinkle small amounts of the powder onto the skin, or use the feather to spread on the desired areas. Use freely on any part of the body. The body powder can be sprinkled over the bed sheets prior to a night of passion.

Shunga Sweet Snow Body Powder-Blazing Cherry

  • Delicious flavors
  • Drying properties
  • Natural feather included
  • 228 gms/8 oz

Indulge With These Delicious Flavours/Scents

Honey of The Nymphs

Blazing Cherry

Raspberry Feeling

Strawberries & Champagne

Turn your partner into a sweet dessert.  Simply sprinkle the powder all over the erogenous zones, tickle with feather, and indulge.


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Shunga Sweet Snow Body Powder is only one of the Shunga products that you can bring to your bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter. Shunga, proudly made in Canada, brings you a line of Warming Massage Oils, Massage Candles (1 oz and 6 oz); Massage Creams, including “Intoxicating Chocolate” for all the chocoholics out there.

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