Shunga Miyo Intimate Massager

The Shunga MIYO Intimate Massager was created for the woman who likes to double her pleasure! It will perfectly fit the clitoral region regardless of your shape, while intensely stimulating the vaginal area and the G-spot. Its easy and comfortable grip will
allow you to escape into your wildest fantasies and reach the pinnacle with multiple orgasms.

Shunga MIYO Intimate Massager-Black

Sexual arousal at its height!

• Two powerful synchronized motors
• Flexible shaft offering maximum G-spot stimulation
• Flexible clitoral stimulator providing ultimate pleasure
• Thoughtfully designed to please every body type


Your  MIYO  is available in 4 bright designer colors. Choose the best color that best suits your moods and needs. If you are in a personal and comfortable position, tell a friend about the MIYO Intimate Massager, or any other pleasure objects, accessories, toys, lubes or massage oils that you see on our site.

Our Delivery to You

Canada Post

Once your online order has been received, we forward it to our warehouse, where your products are carefully packed and shipped in a plain brown wrapper (with only our boring address in the corner), or via a postal container (depending on the size of your order). Once your order is shipped, you will receive a Canada Post tracking number (for Canadian/USA locations).

Tell a Friend about the Shunga MIYO Intimate Massager. It’s a mid-priced pleasure object, and makes the perfect gift for that special person. See this massager, and others on our TOYS web page.

Receive a FREE LUBRICANT sampler sachet with your online order.


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