Raspberry Delights

Dedicated to those who are “berry forward”, we feature Everything Raspberry: a number of raspberry delights on our pages.these include massage creams, body powder and oral sex creams:

Oralicious Raspberry Parfait

                                        ORALICIOUS Sex Cream

Oralicious Raspberry Parfait

brings a whole new level of excitement when it comes to Intimate play! This amazing cream not only numbs and tickles the throat, but also has a smooth/cooling rich taste and aroma, which provides both partners a euphoric experience, that will leave you both hungry for more! Massage it in,lick it off and feel your Erogenous Zones come alive!

Raspberry Feeling

Purchase Shunga Kissable Massage Cream Raspberry Feeling in Canada

Shunga edible massage cream, another raspberry delight:

Silky smooth, edible and moisturizing
Slides on easily and is long-lasting
Leaves the skin feeling fresh and non-greasy

This cream will leave the skin tasting delicious!


Our Shunga Aphrodisiac Warming Massage Oils-Raspberry Feeling  are  made with pure vegetable glycerin and a natural corn by-product.

Shunga Warming Massage Oil-Raspberry Feeling

Pour a few drops on your partners erogenous zones tenderly blow warm breath over the area and languorously lap up the exotic green tea flavor to build up to the peak of pleasure. Enjoy kissable and lickable delicious Raspberry Delights  flavor/scents while your favorite masseuse/masseur brings you to the peak of pleasure. Perfect for use on the erogenous zones. Breath activated warming effect. An edible warming oil created especially to excite erogenous zones. Activate by the warm breath of soft intimate kisses.

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