Organic Lubricants

Why does natural  matter?

With the proliferation of synthetics,you want to follow healthier practices.This means that you need to eliminate worries or concerns about what you are putting on your most sensitive areas. We have introduced organic lubricants into our selections,and listed the ingredients. We’re confident that you won’t be able to match these organic lubricants with the synthetic products in the market today.

Intimate tissues are extra vulnerable to absorbing irritants and tissue damaging chemicals; buying natural products ensures you minimize your chemical body burden

Organic products seen within our site are based on plant products with proven pedigrees of healing skin and mucus membranes.Note the USDA Certifications.

Buying organic is not only kinder to you and your body, but it is also better for the planet:

When choosing a personal lubricant,ask yourself two questions:

1) Do they work (i.e., are they slippery enough and do they last long enough)?

2) Are they non-irritating? Beyond that is personal preference,

Here is a selection of  our Organic Lubricants

Jo NaturaLove Personal Lubricant

JO® NATURALOVE is toy friendly, compatible with most materials and best of all, easy to clean. Have fun and play the natural way!

Toko Organica lubricant

TOKO Organica Lubricant is made with pure vegetable glycerin and a natural corn by-product, both certified organic. Its delicate texture and endless sensual lubrication propriety intensifies sensations for prolonged moments of intimacy.

Sliquid Organics Silk:A Healthier Choice for Women.

Wet® Hemptation™ is a premium personal lubricant infused with USDA Certified Organic Hemp Extract. With a unique blend of extracts and botanicals designed to complement the natural benefits of hemp, this formula provides a silky, sensual sensation when applied to intimate areas.


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